Saturday, June 13, 2015

Val's Drive In

Val’s Drive In
925 Sabattus St
Lewiston, Maine 04240

According to my mom I first went to Val’s Drive In when I was just a few weeks old back in 1979.  I recently took my 10 week old son Wesley to Val’s and my Mom noted I was younger than him the first time.

Val’s first opened in 1959 as an A & W Root Beer Drive In and became Val’s in 1974. As one of the only 5 Car Hop Drive In’s left in Maine, that I know of, Val’s is open seasonally from mid-April to Early October and is the only one that has no inside seating.  Val’s has no marked parking spots but the vehicles are corralled well by the car hops who have always been dressed in red tops and white bottoms.  They are very prompt, but don’t forget to blink your lights for service.

Val’s is known for their delicious homemade Root Beer that they serve in ice cold frosty mugs. They also use to make their own Orange soda, and in my life time of going there I have never tried it, which is odd as I love Orange soda, I truly missed out.  You can buy their Root Beer but the Quart and Half Gallon.

Val’s menu has featured the same daily specials and the prices have only gone up slightly over the years.  Monday thru Thursday you can get a Hamburger, French fry, & frost Root beer for $4.50.  Friday thru Sunday a large Onion Ring is only $2.99, Tuesday’s Hot Dogs are only $1.25 and Wednesday’s Hamburgers are $1.35. 

Their menu features a specialty burger called the Heart Attack which is burger with double bacon and double cheese.  Another burger not on the menu is the Triple Bypass a triple burger with three layers of bacon and cheese between two grilled cheese sandwiches. 

I went to Oak Hill High School and used to go to Val’s all the time back then, now I live a little further away, but always make it a point to go a couple times each season for their delicious food and fantastic Root Beer.

If you're in the area you need to check it out, and even if you're not in the area it's worth the drive!

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These two photos were taken in 2002, you can really see the changes.

Here's a commercial for Val's that I found on You Tube

Update: 4/18/2016 

Last fall a drunk driver crashed into Val's sign knocking it down.  They replaced it with a new sign this years.  It's nice but it doesn't have that classic drive in feel.

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