Monday, September 22, 2014

Pizza by Angelone

Angelone's West
768 Main St
Westbrook, Me 04092
(207) 854-9122

I first stumbled upon Angelone’s Pizza or Pizza by Angelone, at the Westbrook location about 10 years ago after getting lost leaving Smiling Hill Farm.   I turned left when I should have gone straight, and eventually pulled into their driveway to turn around when I realized that I was at a Pizza place.  I was hungry for lunch, and pizza is awesome so why not stay and eat.

The Westbrook Location
There was something about the building that I instantly liked.  Clearly it was old, but not dirty as it was well maintained, and I loved the original signage that was simple yet elegant.  Somehow the building had charisma and it made me have to eat here.

Inside Angelone's North

The inside had just as much charm as the outside and the menu was the simplest one I had ever seen.  Pizza, that’s it!  Three sizes and a dozen different toppings to choose from, traditionally comes thin crust but you can pay extra for double dough.  Why would you want to?  They make their own sauce and dough.  They have a dough baller that is as old as the rest of the building that is very cool to watch in action. 

My go to pizza is pepperoni, if you can’t make a good pepperoni pizza then you can’t make pizza.  Along with pizza they have a small selection of chips and soda.  This is also the first time I ever had which turned out to be my favorite Cape Cod Chips ever Sour Cream and Chive.  They were discontinued shortly thereafter, but have recently returned in the form of Sour Cream and Green Onion.

When I was a kid on the spur of the moment my parents, brother, and I headed to Boston for the weekend. When we got into Boston it was pouring rain out and we found this cheap hotel to stay in.  They got us a pizza which we ate in the room while we watch the television.  It was the best pizza I had ever had and I have essentially compared every pizza since then to that one and nothing has quite matched that pizza on that night.   

The pizza at Angelone’s immediately made me think of that pizza from the rainy night in Boston, and it fast became my favorite pizza.  Each time I have gone back I have never been disappointed and anyone I have brought with me has agreed that it is excellent pizza. 

Of the three locations that have been in business in my time I have eaten at two of them; Angelone’s West in Westbrook and Angelone’s North in Portland.  The other location I wanted to go to but never did was Pizza by Angelone in South Portland and closed in 2010.  In 2011 the building was demolished to make way for a Bath Savings Bank.

Former South Portland Location

According to a Portland Press Herald article all three locations were opened in the late 1960’s by John “Jack” Angelone to go along with his location on Monument Square.  His first shop he opened in 1947 on Veranda St in Portland.  Eventually three of his daughters took over the shops.

According to the article the daughter of the former South Portland location is hoping to reopen at a different location.  I haven't been able to find out if they have yet, but if they do I will make sure to sample their pizza as well.

I encourage everyone to go and try Angelone's Pizza so you too can experience the finest pizza in Maine.

The North location in Portland closed in the Summer of 2018 leaving the Westbrook location as sole survivor.

Portland Location
Portland Location
Portland Location
Portland Location

Portland Location

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